The predicament of a choice between one word and another is sometimes enough to catch many speakers of English off guard. There are instances when you do not know whether to use the word ‘when’ or ‘while’ in a sentence. Well, this ‘when-while’ enigma is not troubling you alone; lots of English writers and experts have complained about it.

Here, we at GrammarforExperts, offer a quick solution to differentiating all those words that create such confusion helping you zeroing in on the correct usage of the word.

We have all these words covering the full spectrum of English grammar to help learners, students, teachers, and academics, improve their writing skills in formal as well as informal communications. An exhaustive study of sample sentences has been done which will give you a firsthand idea about how a word differs from another. And mind you, each of our writing guides qualifies for an authority on the subject in its own right consisting of thorough bit-by-bit tips for day-to-day writing situations.

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