Grammar is the base of English language. Grammar skills are useful for effective communication – whether it is education, leadership, employment or social life – they are important in every aspect of life. Improper grammar can make you look bad and hurt your effectiveness as a writer. And, you cannot be excused for being ignorant of grammaticality. However, even experts of grammar even after years of study, still fail to judge whether one word is correct versus another, don’t know how to differentiate between ‘wake’ and ‘awake’ and just end up messing things up. So, it is very important to understand the majesty and grandeur of the English language and how it works. GrammarForExperts is about that.

Established in 2018, GrammarForExperts, a general English language site specialising in English grammar, hosts a large collection of blogs & posts to help learners, students, teachers, and academics improve their writing skills in formal as well as informal communications.

To get started, you can browse around our most popular posts. With our real-world example sentences, we have made an effort at jazzing up the English grammar.