Between … and or Between … to


Between … and … = In or through the space that separates two things, places, or people

Between … to … = Ungrammatical


He held the stone between his thumb and forefinger.   

The agreement has been signed between US and Japan.                                                   

Sitting between Pamela and me was my small Cooper.   

Dr. Harvard is available on alternate Saturday mornings between 9 am to 4.30 pm.           

How many even numbers come between 9 to 35?                                                         

On the train I was sitting between two very big women.

My keys dropped down between the paving stones.  

Mr. Wilson has no claim to that parking area between our houses.                                     

The small waiting room was filled with people leaving for some gulf country and only an elbow of space was left between the receptionist and the manager. 

The Prime Minister walked into the room between two of his cabinet ministers.                  

The trees were planted close to each other with hardly any space between them.                             

Police finally caught up with the man who had stolen the car from between the police post and that house.                      

Don’t push me back, there’s sufficient space between you and the man in front.                


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