In spite of vs. Despite


In spite of = Regardless of; without being affected or prevented by something mentioned; despite

Despite    = Regardless of; in defiance of

We use in spite of when we mention some fact that makes another fact surprising.


Notice that it is in spite of (spelling-wise), and not ‘inspite of.


In spite of her injury, Martina will play in Sunday’s match.              

In spite of his best efforts, he couldn’t save their marriage of 12 years.

In spite of its election promises, the ruling party is still deeply distrusted on key employment and corruption issues.

She had deceived him before, but Jim still loves her in spite of everything.

Brave Jane managed to get hold of her gold chain and, in spite of once losing her grip, pushed the robber over.

In spite of the new dispensation, the country was still faced with the daunting task of curbing terrorism.

In spite of the enormity of floods, the relief workers struggled on with full enthusiasm.

Anyhow, he made it to the final, in spite of the early hiccups.

Jack knew it would be a good idea to hire a chauffeur in spite of what Father said.


Be Careful! Do not use ‘in spite of’ to say that something is not affected by any circumstances:


This quiz contest is open to all, in spite of age.               

This quiz contest is open to all, regardless of age.           


Also, do not use ‘in spite of’ as a conjunction.

The teachers took their answer sheets away in spite of students objected.            

Although students objected, the teachers took their answer sheets away.              


More examples:

Despite her ill health, she is always lively and cheerful.

He loves playing and spending time with street children despite not having much free time.

I’m still tired despite my going to bed early, although my sleep was disturbed.

The Vaughan City Councillor said that despite the recent avalanche, all the roads are clear.

Cameron is likely to be chosen the Secretary of the association, despite opposition from some quarters.

The ambience was calm and serene despite all the hullabaloo for the new academic year.

Despite the difference in their ages, they are happily married.

The old Compton street alcohol shop is going to be reopened despite protests from local womenfolks.

Be Careful! Never say ‘despite of’.


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