In the street vs. On the street vs. At the street


Both ‘in the street’ and ‘on the street’ are correct, according to the contexts. However, ‘at the street’ has somewhat different story.

I am in the street = Refers to the person being in an enclosed space surrounded by buildings, shops; in the street (in the middle of the traffic or where the traffic goes); more common in UK English;

That old woman is recovering at home after plunging into the ground after a manhole in the street collapsed. (used for a position)

Today I met Nancy in the street.

The woman in the street gave me a dirty look.

When I looked out of my window at dawn, there were few people in the street. (you are away from the street)

His pocket was picked in the street.

On my way to work, there was garbage piling up in the streets.

If the authorities don’t take any precautionary measures, there will be a bloodbath in the streets.

Now it is common sight to see young girls drunk in the streets in this city.

I am on the street = Refers to the person being located on a surface; more common in US English but in the street is also used;

Bob was riding his bicycle on/in the street. (also used for an activity)

She lives on Houston Street. (without precision)   

Mr. Wilson has an office on 1343 E. 60 Street.

Jill parked his car on the side of the street.

There are far too many street vendors in this time of the year, selling fruit and vegetables on the Blacksmith Street.

Today I met Nancy on the street that turns to North from Madison Square. (refers to a specific street)

I wanted to ask for directions but there was no one else on/in the street.


They rushed out onto the streets and told the big news to anyone that passed by.

I am at the street = Refers to the person being located at a specific point or location showing an exact position; used to say that you’ve arrived at the street;

She lives at 4580, Houston Street in New York.  (address with precision)

Pamela’s office is at 32 Canal Street in New York.


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